RULES AND REGULATIONS when renting from us:
  You must - be able to show a valid ID-card
- be at least 13 years old
- have paid in advance
- always wear a life-jacket in the canoe
- pay for any damages caused on any equpment used

Any use of alcohol or drugs while renting from us is STRICTLY forbidden!
Respect the regulation of the Nature Reserve of Vättlefjäll. Follow the rules of the 
Swedish ”Right of Public Access”.

How to get to ”Vättlefjäll” – by public transport.
  • Tram number 4, 8 or 9 from the city of Gothenburg to Angered Centrum.
  • From Angered Centrum bus no. 75 to Kryddnejlikegatan, 3 stops.
    Once off the bus, walk Kryddnejlikegatan through the residential
    area to the end of the street (about 500 meters).
    On your right hand side you will now have "VÄTTLESTUGAN"

As Vättlefjäll is a “Nature Reserve”
we kindly ask you to use the halting
places created for your convenience!

Please plan your trip in advance and
make your bookings early so we
can provide the best service for You!

We wish you all Welcome to Vättlefjäll!